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There is not one Alaskan confirmed to have successfully signed up for the ObamaCare exchanges.

When the fight over ObamaCare was in full swing, I was still working in Lefty-Loony Central (social workers are not all liberals, but most are a little loony). It was common discussion in the mailroom how with so many Alaskans uninsured, ObamaCare would be highly popular even as our governor was fighting against it. I disagreed, but when you’re outnumbered, it’s easy to doubt.

Alaskans are a pretty computer literate bunch. We get most of our goods from distant states. We shop on line. We buy cars over the Internet. We pay bills electronically. And we buy insurance that way.

Yeah, the health exchange website has problems. Only about 5,000 people nation wide have managed to sign up through it, but less than 50,000 people have signed up nation-wide calling and talking to people. Those states that set up exchanges themselves are reporting better numbers, but nowhere near the 30 million who were just foaming at the mouth for insurance.

I don’t buy that Alaskans can’t figure out the website and don’t like to talk on the phone. I think it’s something simpler than that. The majority of Alaska’s 100,000 uninsured are actually insured through Bureau of Indian Affairs. Others have catastrophic insurance policies and nice savings accounts. Many Alaskans live out in the woods and “treat” their ills with marijuana and Fox Springs water. Alaska set up an in-state high-risk pool (ACHIA) before President Obama was President Obama. In other words, the “problems” ObamaCare was meant to address didn’t exist in the first place.

Or ….

Every anarchist-volunteerist I know who isn’t insured (many are) are planning not to sign up. I know some self-employed folks who are planning to refuse to pay the tax penalty. Maybe this is the ultimate civil disobedience from a state of people who tend toward civil disobedience. What if the government mandated you buy a product you don’t think you need and you simply refused to cooperate? What if we all did that?

My anarchist friends may be on to something here! What will the government do if we refuse to cooperate in the restrictions of our liberties.

And, yeah, that’s a bigger topic than just ObamaCare.

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  1. what is fox springs water?


    • The Fairbanks equivalent of the Fountain of Youth.

      Fox Springs is a legendary artesian well north of Fairbanks. It produces the best water I have ever tasted. Alaska is, in many ways, a third-world country. Many people here live without running water because its hard to drill wells in permafrost and our city water distribution system is small. Many more have wells that turn whites orange and taste like you’re sucking on rusty nails. No, I’m not exaggerating.

      Fox Spring issues from a quartz mountain (not a lot of iron) and doesn’t have a high calcium content. Some people swear by the water’s medicinal qualities. I think it just tastes good. Like really good!

      It’s had a problem the last few days. The water table has dropped and DOT (who maintenances the site) had to close the outlet because they couldn’t keep the day tank full. I had friends in Georgia post it to their Facebook, so I assumed the closure made the national news. I should know better. Someone probably tweeted it.

      I don’t believe in the medicinal qualities of Fox water or marijuana, but there are many in Alaska that do, so unless ObamaCare starts providing both, they probably aren’t going to buy the insurance.


  2. I’m so proud of Alaska!
    That civil disobedience showed up during the ‘shutdown’ with the WW2 vets in DC.
    Anarchy isn’t good, I don’t think. But civil disobedience with Constitutional backing is good. Shall we organiza?


    • We should organize.

      The fact is our Constitution tried to strike a balance between the ineffectual non-government of the Articles of Confederation and tyranny that ruled Europe with strong centralized governments.

      It did well for a long time in maintaining that balance, but something went off the rails. I suspect it was a lot of small things and it was not entirely unanticipated by the Founders. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both had doubts that human nature wouldn’t work its coercive power on the United States of America. Their hope was that patriots of future generations would stand up and say “No! This is not what we were meant to become and we are not going to allow it.” That’s civil disobedience!

      But to exercise civil disobedience to disintangle from the administrative state and to whack the federal government down to the size that it should have stayed is not enough. We need to install safeguards that prevent that from happening again. That’s where my research into anarcho-capitalism is worthwhile. There are ways to reduce federal government to its requisite size (probably 1/3 to 1/4 of what it is today) without destroying our way of life. I think the “anarchists” have some good ideas, which I plan to explore. I also think they are hopelessly naive if they think a truly stateless society can be established and sustained. Something will replace it. The question is, do we want to replace it with the constitutional republic or … most likely rule by a dictatorship like China?


    • Oops, hit the button when I didn’t mean to.

      We need to replace the current mess with something else because if we fail to replace it and it collapses (which I believe it will and within my life time), something else will replace it whether we like it or not. A scaled down USA with more chains of liberty wrapped around it is preferrable to the dictatorship that is likely to arise if we fail to plan ahead.

      And, yeah, organizing is the way to go. The more people who start talking about PRACTICAL alternatives to what we have right now, the better. And, the sooner the better. The state as currently extant is going to go away regardless of the efforts of the statists. They’re running out of our money to keep it going. It’s going to take a heraculean effort to save what is worth saving. If it can be done at all, it will need to be planned well in advance by those who care. The Internet is a great resource for such organizing because we don’t have to get together in a central location to start talking about what needs to happen to prepare for the coming ACTUAL crisis.


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