A Nation of 300 Million Slaves   Leave a comment

I listened to Patriot’s Lament today and once again saw the logical end to the sort of anarchy they ascribe to.

It sounds so wonderful. Throw off the yoke of the government, form cooperative communities and use contract rather than coercion to make society work.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The United States of America is a nation of 300 million people who owe $17 trillion dollars. The largest part of that (a bit more than $1000 billion) is owed to China and about $900 billion to Japan. Japan might think it owes the American people for its booming economy, but China clearly does not believe that. If we dissolve the government and say we the people don’t owe the debt, do we really think they will just forget about it?

Right now we’re slaves to a master of our own choosing — sort of. The Constitution still exists and we have means to reestablish it as the rule of law in the country. If we the people dissolve the institutions that are seen as capable of paying what we owe, there is nothing preventing China from coming to collect from we the people.  I don’t think the UN will protect us. It’s controlled by third-world nations that believe we are the cause of their problems. I think they will allow China to establish an occupying force and put us all to work paying off that debt. Sure, some of us will fight back, but most won’t because they weren’t prepared and China can afford to lose population compared to us. When the patriots are depleted or just plain run out of bullets, we will stop fighting. The numbers are in their favor. And why should they leave after they’ve built factories and farms to turn us to productive capacity?

A nation of 300 million slaves is more profitable after their debt has been paid off.

Just a thought. I’m not against making changes and I like some of the principles of anarchy, but without a state a nation is at the mercy of other states and those states will win because those states are organized and a state-less society would not be.

This is probably why anarchy hasn’t taken off around the world.

Posted October 12, 2013 by aurorawatcherak in Common sense

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