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Word from the Alaska DIspatch is that fishing guides on the Kenai are having to cancel their charters and the vital airplane links all over Alaska’s largely roadless wilderness are being grounded because of the federal shut down.

Let’s be honest. This is more of a reducing diet than a shut down. Less than 15% of services have been “furloughed”. A shut down would be something to worry about. This is more like where we ought to plan to be in two years rather than where we’re forced to be because our elected officials won’t take needed action.

And, yes, I mean the Democratically-held Senate should be taking action to implement to cost-savings measures (including defunding ObamaCare) that the House has wisely proposed.

So, charters on the Kenai can’t operate because their federal permits are suspended.

That’s a problem if your bottom line relies on those revenues. I’m not arguing that people don’t need to go on fishing charters so what’s the big whoop. It is a big whoop because people can’t exercise their liberty and businesses are impacted negatively. And Alaska needs our general aviation commercial fleets to keep flying. People here cannot simply hop in the car and drive to the nearest market because there are no roads.

But ….

Why is the federal government involved in permitting fishing charters on the Kenai Peninsula in the first place? Why is it involved in certifying general aviation aircraft?

They don’t need to be. Fishing charters could be left to regulate their own numbers through private associations. GA carriers could certify aircraft safety through a similar system.

This is a crisis that the federal government created by taking those tasks on itself and then spending so profligately that they can no longer afford to accomplish those tasks. They were unnecessary regulation to begin with and now the suspension of oversight is being used as an excuse to make the slim-down painful. There’s a solution to that.

First — charter owners — just do it! Be careful how you do it. Don’t dump trash in our waters, etc., but just do it and if the feds try to pull your permit afterwards, refuse to accept their “guidance”.

GA carriers — just do it. Make sure your maintenance records are in order, take the safety precautions you normally would take and just do what needs to be done. And, if the FAA comes back and pulls rank, ignore them.

Governor Parnell has already stated that the State of Alaska is willing to take up this argument. So, just do it! Push back! Act like free men and women and make use of your liberty and, hey, force the State to have this discussion with the feds.

When will there ever be a better time for civil disobedience to nonsense administrative state regulation? Let today start a new chapter in our relationship with the federal government — a chapter in which we take back our liberty and the federal government looks petty and tyrannical if they try to stop us.

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