Time for Civil Disobedience   Leave a comment

It’s always interesting to watch Americans react to a stupid law by complying with it.


PHOTO: Stars and Stripes reporter Leo Shane III tweeted an image of WWII veterans entering their memorial in Washington, DC, Oct. 1, 2013. Erie Lake charter fishermen are being stopped for their papers, which I find objectionable on the face of it. Unless these fishermen are violating a law, the Coast Guard should not be stopping them. Why are they stopping them? Probably for the same reason Jim Wilde was stopped on the Yukon.


In Wilde’s case, his private boat wasn’t registered with the State of Alaska. Nobody in Alaska, including the State, cares if his boat wasn’t registered because it’s never on a trailer headed down a highway (the Yukon River is Mr. Wilde’s highway), but the National Park Service (a federal agency) felt the State of Alaska needed their instruction how to act like jack-booted thugs and they pulled over 71-year-old Wilde and his two passengers in the middle of the mighty Yukon River and wanted to board his boat in unsafe conditions. For the record, the Yukon River is the 5th largest river in the United States in terms of water volume. The middle of the stream is not a good place for transfers of people or goods from one boat to another. Wilde said he’d meet them at the shore, which he went to immediately. They chased him to the shore, pointed guns at his passengers, tasered him, slammed him into the mud and handcuffed him. They also made his passengers, with guns pointed at them, get out of the boat and kneel in the mud like criminals. A federal judge completely ignored that the rangers had no authority to act on State land (the Yukon River to the high water mark is State land) and that the rangers were risking the lives of Wilde and his passengers by demanding to board in the middle of the river.

“Things have not been quite the same along the river north of Fairbanks since,” Wilde’s attorney, Bill Satterberg noted.

That’s because the people of rural Alaska now have Uncle Sam’s boot on their necks.

These Ohio fishermen have had a similar experience. What I can’t figure out is why they are insisting that “well, if it’s a law it’s a law and I have to comply.” Really? We’re in the situation we’re in because for too long we complied when we should have been asking “why should I? Who made this law and why and how do we get it off the books?”

I’m going to hazard to guess that this “law” was never voted on by a legislative body, but arose from administrative interpretation of another law, just as the Yukon incident did.

Folks, if we want our country back, we’re going to have to decide where to start. Complying with draconian regulations is NOT a good starting point. Jim Wilde was civilly disobedient. He lost the case, but think about it. The federal courts would quickly be overwhelmed if we the people started saying “No, I won’t” every time a federal agent said “Yes, you must.”

It might already be starting. Note the Americans who crossed the barriers set up by the Parks Service to block public access to the World War II Memorial.


I’ve also heard that veterans were removed from the Vietnam Memorial on Friday. When Rosa Parks refused to change her seat all those years ago, it wasn’t a big deal … until Martin Luther King, Jr. made it one.

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