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The troubled relationship of Alaska and its abusive parent, the United States of America federal government, has worsened under the Obama administration.

Make no mistake, we’ve been battered chattel since President Carter and the environmental movement made the state into a national park in the 1980s, but lately, the beatings have taken on a more violent tone.

In 2009, an artist living in Ester, Alaska awoke to armored federal agents surrounding his house with guns drawn. They confiscated antique ivory tusks, caribou antlers, etc., that he used in making art. They arrested him, but later dropped the charges. His crime — he’s a white guy who works in traditionally Native formats. None of the matertials confiscated have ever been returned. What I wanted to know then and now is … why did they need flak jackets?

In 2010, 72-year-old Jim Wilde, his wife and a friend were headed to their moose camp down the mighty Yukon River when he was hailed by two National Parks Services officers in a boat that was at mid-river. Thinking they were broke down, Wilde pulled up to offer assistance. The NPS wanted to see his papers and board his boat to do a search. He refused because he was at his gunnels already and said he’d meet them at the shore, which he headed to immediately. For the wise choice of not adding extra weight to an overloaded river boat in the middle of one of the most dangerous rivers in the nation, Mr. Wilde (72-years-old) was tasered, slammed face-first into the mud, and handcuffed while his wife and friend were held at gunpoint. What was his initial crime — his boat registration (a state, not federal, regulation) had expired. The State of Alaska had never asked nor granted the NPS authority to patrol state waters (the Yukon River to the high-water mark is state land), but no matter. A federal judge found Mr. Wilde guilty of disobeying its minions.

In 2011, Schaeffer Cox was arrested on federal charges for weapons violations and complaining about the government. The State of Alaska dismissed all charges when the AG’s office saw the paltry amount of evidence, but a federal jury was eventually convinced to find him and his “co-conspirators” guilty. To be clear, their main crime was fantasizing about what they would do if IF the federal government collapsed and they were forced to fend for themselves.

In mid-August 2013, armed and armored federal and state officials raided mines in the Fortymile River area, looking for violations of the Clean Water Act. No one was arrested or cited, but they were intruded upon and intimidated.


That it happened during EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s Alaska tour seems oddly coincidental.


For the record, the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force is not an Alaskan agency. Eight armed men and a squad of paramilitary force was apparently needed to check for dirty water. Also for the record, Alaskan rivers are frequently muddy. That’s the nature of glacial rivers — lots of rock flour naturally occuring at the source. EPA regulations actually require these miners to put drinking-quality water back into the river after they’re done using it for their mines. The water was not drinking-quality when it came OUT of the river.

Federal agents used to show up at the door and ask if the miner had time to show them their operation. This time they showed up in body armor, loaded for bear. The EPA has refused to explain why it used armed officers in this so-called “multi-jurisdictional” investigation. A staffer in Senator Murkowski’s office was told that the taskforce had been told by the Alaska State Troopers that there was “rampant drug and human trafficking going on in the area.” Chicken is a remote area, close to the Canadian border with about 130 seasonal residents (about 20 permanent). Drugs and human trafficking?

The AST denies advising the EPA of such activity. The task force admits they only found one possible violation in the area. And, for this, they needed a shock-and-awe campaign?

Admittedly, storming a mine with guns can be a dangerous business. It’s gold, it’s remote, the miners are armed! What if they mistake you for — you know — armed and armored thieves? Kevlar might seem like a good idea. But why storm the mines at all. Why not just walk up and say “Hi, we’re from the Obama Administration and we’d like to check the quality of your water”?

So, the question(s) I have are …

1) when did we become a police state?

2) how does the rest of the country feel about such tactics?

3) if you’re okay with it, do you think it will never happen to you?

And, in conclusion — folks, this is the administrative state doing this and notice, they didn’t find any wrong-doing. I don’t think it was ever about human trafficking or even dirty water. It was about intimidation.

Wake up and smell the coffee! If you think it can’t happen here … it IS happening HERE right NOW!

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