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Anglo American, one of the two mining companies that form the Pebble Partnership has pulled out.

They say they want to focus on lower risk projects.

I’m not at all surprised since the EPA has all but said it will rule against the permits based on the history of mines from 50 years ago and not on the actual conditions in Bristol Bay surrounding this specific project.

Will Anglo-America’s exit end the project?

I don’t know. Northern Dynasty is still in and says it will continue forward, while looking for another investor.

Thousands of Alaskan jobs are on the line. If the project can’t be done with a high-degree of safety, I’m okay with it not being done. What I am NOT okay with is politics making this decision. Right now, the EPA is acting in a highly political manner based on old, old facts and prior to the Pebble Partnership’s even applying for a permit.

Let them finish the scientific assessments and submit their plans before a decision is made and let the decision be based on FACTS not on suppositions — what might happen if we experience a Magnitude 12 earthquake in an area that has never experienced anything higher than a Mag 8. Environmental protections should be based on sound science and achievable goals, not on the principle that all development is evil, therefore no development should be allowed.

Alaskans need jobs. Not all of us can be salmon fishermen. I believe salmon and mining can cohabitate with one another with appropriate safeguards. I would note that the same sort of histrionics dominated the oil development debate in the 1970s. Oil will kill the caribou.

The caribou populations have increased by four times over their 1970 herd size and they moved their calving grounds into the oil fields.

But the same arguments were made then as now. Oil development was an environmental disaster that couldn’t be done safely, so we just shouldn’t do it. They were wrong and we proved that by doing it safely, but this time around, I suspect they’re just as wrong, but the project will never be allowed so the proof will never be forthcoming.

Anglo America certainly has decided that the EPA ruling is likely going to be against the project.

This is just more evidence of how abusive the administrative state has become. Decisions are made by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats and if those of us who can’t be salmon fishermen can’t find jobs … well, we’re just supposed to live on government benefits, so that the next time this discussion comes up, it won’t involve us and we won’t object.

Just another beating by our abusive parent. No wonder some kids ask for emancipation. What I wonder is … why others aren’t also just as angry at this relationship?

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