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I’m not sure about this designation. I consider myself a patriot, but ….

Twelve years after the fact, President Obama has extended the state of emergency the United States has been in ever since the planes hit the towers and Ben Sliney grounded all the rest. I think he was a patriot that day … first day on the job, not sure if he had the authority to do it, he made a call because nobody else would. It was a right call, though personally risky. Maybe it saved lives. We’ll never know because what if wasn’t and we only know what has been.

We’ve been in a state of “emergency” for 12 years. We’ve lost freedoms. Don’t believe me — try having a group prayer in an airport before you get on the plane. No, don’t actually do that. You probably don’t want to go to jail.

Somewhere there’s a computer bot recording my posts and possibly flagging me as a potential threat to the national order because I hold the opinion that the federal government should stay out of my personal business and not have bots recording my posts.

Jim Wilde was arrested by National Parks staff for not having his boat registered.

Schaffer Cox is spending his best years in federal prison for venting.

Our government left our diplomatic mission unprotected in Benghazi and wants us to believe it’s “fine”.

Our president wants us to bomb a dictator in support of an Al Qaeda-affiliated insurgency.

The cop who lives down the street from me appears to sleep and recreate in his bullet-proof vest and when I returned his runaway dog to him last week, I swear he had his hand on his gun the whole time I was talking to him.

Ft. Wainwright Army Base has asked our local plannning department to change zoning laws so that homes and offices cannot see over the fence into the base … and the borough assembly thinks that’s a GREAT idea.

The Department of Education is now dictating local school curriculae that actually means high school graduates who do not wish to go to community college before going to a degree-issuing university will need remedial math to make the bar.

No matter which party you vote for, a progressive will win. They will talk about reducing the budget or regulation, but at the end of their next term, if you look, regulation and spending will have increased.

The federal government is now borrowing more than $1 for every $3 they spend and to balance spending with taxation would mean every wage earner in the country would need to pay at least 64% of their income in federal taxes.

Budget reductions are now counted based on a reduction in the estimated rate of growth and a 3% cut of that estimated rate is considered tantamount to a government shut down.

You can now be solidly middle-class and eligible for government assistance.

The push for “gun free” zones now means that only the guy who wants to kill mass numbers of people has a gun when the shooting breaks out.

Twelve years ago, several immigrants from the Middle East flew airplanes into some large buildings, but some of our countrymen think “open borders” is a really good idea, despite the fact that Russia warned our government about two guys from Chechnya who went on to bomb the Boston Marathon with perfectly legal kitchen vessels.

For the record — the patriots of 1776 were protesting similar issues — intrusive government that thought it knew better how to run American lives than Americans, using a “crisis” of war debt from the French and Indian War (which was really an international conflict England brought to America) to suck the economic vitality out of the citizenry.

I’m opposed to violence at this point because revolutions are messy, they break stuff, and you cannot control how they turn out, but there are many methods available to us to affect “revolutionary” changes without bloodshed. The simple demand by two states for an Article V convention on a balanced budget amendment would go a long way toward bringing we the people back into the governance of our country. No, it won’t fix everything, but it is a first step and that’s better than the political dithering we’ve been stuck in since 1994.

Has your state legislature met on this important issue yet? If they haven’t, be the one to ask them to do so and, if they won’t, demand to know why not.

We the people have a right to demand that OUR goverment represents us, but WE the people need to insist upon it if it’s going to happen.

Posted September 11, 2013 by aurorawatcherak in Common sense

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