Avoiding Customs Harrassment   Leave a comment

I picked up on this story and thought it was interesting.


The writer does a poor job here of journalism. His “hero” Chris Eaton is a foreign national whose name has been connected with eco-terrorism. Maybe he thinks the Esperanza is a cruise ship, but it was retrofitted to interfere and ram oil rigs in Artic waters, which is what it was up to in Alaska when he was on it. Actic oil drilling is not inherently unsafe, but it becomes unsafe when amateurs slam their ships into yours. Those are MY waters! I’d do more than detain him in Customs, if I had the power.

I have no problem with him designing encryption software, but I can see where the DHS might. They shouldn’t, because this sort of software shouldn’t be necessary if DHS, NSA, etc. were not snooping into our communications. However, in Mr. Eton’s case, I suspect he uses Cryptocat to talk with his fellow eco-terrorists.

Although I do not want to see our government harrassing American citizens, the fact is that the 911 attacks were made possible by lax border security. We need to get over this politically correct idea that anyone could be a terrorist. No, 90-year-old Irish-American grandmothers have never shown to be terrorists. Young men of Middle Eastern heritage have been. So have men and women who have piled onto Esparanza to make their eco-terrorism points in the Artic. Mr. Eaton can avoid such treatment in the future by not coming to the United States. Of course, I think his own country should probably have somewhat to say about his terrorist activities.

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