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Now we’re moving into the “Civil Rights” era amendments.

I’m generally in favor of taking a good hard look at any amendments that were passed due to a specific period of national stress because if you look at those amendments passed during times of stress, they’re generally flawed and out of character with the foundational ideals of liberty and individual rights.

The United States Constitution should not favor any group of individuals over another and when we do, we should eliminate that discrimination. The 24th Amendment is simple and doesn’t seem to cause any harm, but let’s discuss whether it was even necessary to make a prohibition against poll taxes a constitutional provision. Someone clearly thought it was a problem at the time, but really, couldn’t this have been dealt with by enforce existing laws?

The 25th Amendment was a necessary move toward clarifying presidential succession. If the 12th Amendment were reevaluated, the 25th might need to be revisited.

I personally registered to vote when I turned 18 and I think I’ve been a responsible voter in my 35 years of suffrage. I also had parents who taught me the value and the responsibility of my vote. I still voted for Carter against Reagan my first crack up at the ballot box, but I learned from my mistake and called it that publicly by the time Reagan had been president for three years. This did not, by the way, indear me to my fellow college students who were still opposed to President Reagan.

Sadly, too many young people vote with their feelings rather than their heads, resulting in lunacy like two terms for Barack Obama. It should be noted that 18 to 21 year olds make up less than 5% of the vote, generally, so they’re practicing and hopefully learning some hard lessons from their voting behavior and they generally don’t sway elections. They didn’t win either election for Obama. Women and blacks did that. We might want to have a discussion about it, but my feeling is – they’re adults and citizens of the United States.

In view of two terms for Barack Obama and four terms of FDR, I personally would like to see a citizenship test administered before one could register to vote, just so people actually show that they have a basic knowledge of what is at stake, but that’s just me and I suspect not constitutional. Maybe we should discuss it? The Founders thought voters ought to be educated so they would vote wisely. That’s not a function of age, gender or race. That’s a function of education and not the education you get in the public schools in the 21st century, so maybe a test would be a good idea. What do you folks think?

The 27th Amendment didn’t go far enough in limiting the power of multi-term Senators and Representatives to enrich their own pocketbooks. Only if it had been coupled with term limits might it have been effective. It’s worth a review to see how it might be strengthened.

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