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He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
In December, 1775, Parliament passed a law authorizing the British navy to capture the ships and cargoes of other countries trading with the American colonies, as though they were enemies of Great Britain. In addition, the law authorized that anyone captured in the taking of these ships was to be compelled to fight for the British, even though this meant that such persons would have to fight against their own countrymen.

There are absolutely no current parallels to this, right?

Hmmm ….

Well, American soldiers report that they do training exercises that feature subduing American crowds and communities. Americans fighting Americans and what horrible people we non-military Americans would be if we took up arms against Americans who are in the United States military. We should rather allow them to violate our natural rights and subjugate us to the federal will.

There are parallels if you just stop to think about it a moment. Anytime government gets too big for its britches, it subjugates its citizens and, yeah, we’re there!

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4 responses to “Americans Fighting Americans

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  1. yeah… it’s starting to feel like we are there.


    • That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’re not powerless against it. We have options before we become so frustrated with the non-functioning ballot box that we turn to the bullet box … if we decide to make use of those options while we still have some modicum of social sanity left. We’re running out of time, but we still have some.


  2. Good series! What a great idea! I think you will convince some people who are already halfway convinced anyway.

    Americans have a hard time realizing is that human beings are inherently not good. That is, when pushed hard enough, we will do what we should not do. In particular, we like to think “I am a good person,” but we are not. As Jesus said, only God is good. Only Jesus could completely resist temptation.

    When I was growing up, quite a few people realized that what Hitler had done to the Germans Roosevelt might have done to us. That’s why we term limit the president these days. Can you imagine how Obama feels about that?

    So what can we do? When planning a military action, to win we must strike at our opponent’s weakest point with all the force we can muster. If our opponent is smart, he realizes his weakness, and he protects himself, and if we are smart, we do the same. Then a game of cat and mouse ensues, and we are at that point. Unfortunately, we are being outmaneuver, and our enemy is striking at our weaknesses.

    How can we counter? We must go on the offensive.

    We can launch a purely secular attack. Within the Federal Government, Congress is the closest thing we have to a stronghold. Unless we begin launching attacks from Congress, that stronghold is useless. Therefore, we must force our representatives to act, and we must they go for the jugular. We must insist they cut spending. As step number 1, we must demand our representatives refuse to fund Obamacare.


    However to succeed in the secular attack, we each find a source of strength and courage. We must spread the Good News! We must remind our fellow Americans of their Christian heritage. If we are to save our country, we must first save the souls of our neighbors. Isn’t everything else is incidental to that anyway?

    Doesn’t what our government is doing signify we have turned from God? Isn’t the impending collapse of our republic merely a logical consequence? Because we as a people have forgotten what it means to love one’s neighbor, when the Socialist Democrats try to pit us against each other, they succeed. Instead of trying to treat our neighbors as we would like to be treated, we think like Godless socialists and see our neighbors as objects for exploitation. Thus, we are being slowly divided and conquered.


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