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He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
Having concluded the list of complaints whereby Britain denied Americans their right of self-government, the Declaration turned to the assault of the British government on the Americans’ lives, liberties, or properties, contrary to the purpose of government, which is “to secure these rights.”

George III approved, on December 22, 1775 and again on February 27, 1776, an act of Parliament which declared the colonies out of the King’s protection. The British government issued this declaration because of what it viewed as the intolerable degree of unruliness of the colonists. Basically, the American colonists were outlaws, in the original sense of the word.


If you have a complaint about American government in the 21st century, you’d best be careful how you state that complaint or you risk coming up on a surveillance program and having your life totally turned upside down.

Our government hasn’t officially declared war on us, but they sure are treating us like the enemy. Someone pointed out to me last night that it seemed interesting to her that whenever a official disagrees with the Obama administration, their sex life suddenly becomes common knowledge. Maybe it’s because they are moral scoundrels, but she found it really interesting that the sex lives of those who support the Obama administration (Anthony Weiner aside) don’t appear to make the media. Maybe it isn’t that the media isn’t reporting it. Maybe, she suggested, it is the NSA now finds out about these affairs through email and phone call tracking and chooses which ones to make public.

As far as I’m concerned the Patriot Act has pretty much declared war on all American citizens who hold views different from the current administration. But recognize, that if we change parties in the White House, we’ll just switch the enmity to those who disagree with the White House, so if you disagree with surveillance programs on principle, you’re an enemy of the state no matter who is in the White House.

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