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If health insurance coverage is such a big deal and the uninsured are so desperate to be covered, why is the Obama finding it necessary to create a “nonpartisan” organization to help the uninsured navigate the exchanges?

Get Covered America is the long-anticipated propaganda campaign launched by Enroll America, an Obama administration front group funded with money extorted from the insurance industry.

What? You’re surprised that the most corrupt presidential administration since the Nixon administration is using a shell corporation of extortionists to cajole Americans who don’t want insurance into getting it? Given the IRS, NSA, and Fast and Furious scandals, why would you be shocked? Have you been living in a yurt in the Alaskan wilderness? That’s probably not an excuse because I know yurt-dwellers who know about this and are moving their yurts deeper into the wilderness in hopes of remaining uninsured.

The fact is that America’s uninsured problem was and remains largely a work of fiction, created when the advocates of socialized medicine realized their claim that government could provide health care more efficiently than could the private sector was not getting much traction with the general public. Only cognitively dissonant progressives were naïve enough to believe that fantasy, so something else was needed.

I know reporters who were ordered by their editors to find people going bankrupt and even dying for lack of health insurance. Many of them tell me that this was not an easy task until a tiny group called Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) began sending out news releases. The PNHP’s microscopic membership has always been even less representative of health care community sentiment than the American Medical Association, which doctors I know tell me is virtually irrelevant. PNHP, however, is representative of the Ivy-League community in that many of its members teach at prestigious institutions and thus are able to get allegedly “scientific studies” published in the major media with little question.

Remember, Ivy League attendance is often a precursor of administrative statism.

My former journalism colleagues admit that nobody questioned one study that claimed 45,000 Americans die every year from lack of health coverage. Health policy experts immediately exposed the creaming that produced that absurdly high number, but that didn’t stop the advocates for government-run health care from parroting the PNHP report.

PNHP was also the source for the claim that 54% of all bankruptcies were caused by medical bills. A group of experts at U.C. Davis (which isn’t exactly the Heritage Foundation) demonstrated that the correct figure was about 5% of all bankruptcies. Of course, Obamacare advocates and the mainstream news media continued to use the 54% figure.

I can’t find an actual source for the oft-quoted figure of 47 million uninsured in America, all of whom couldn’t afford coverage. It was never supported by census data, I know. After subtracting illegal immigrants, people already eligible for government programs, and those who could obviously afford coverage but prefer to pay for it directly, the actual number of involuntarily uninsured Americans was about 14 million (which is less than 5% of the nation). Not coincidentally, this is about the number of people who will be newly eligible for Medicaid under ACA’s expansion of that program. Hmmm???? Now that’s interesting …. What a coincidence!

Let’s be honest. If the actual number of uninsured really were 47 million and truly constituted the human tragedy broadcasted in the media before Obamacare passed, Get Covered America would not be necessary. The uninsured would be lining up for insurance coverage like shoppers waiting for Walmart to open on Black Friday. So why do we need Enroll America?

WE don’t. The progressives need them. Most of the people they guide through the exchanges will not end up buying private insurance because it’s too expensive. Enroll America will instead guide them to voter registration, preferably as Democrats, and extol the virtues of Medicaid expansion and how the Democrats made it all possible. And, many of these people will be so foolish to think that the slum-lord medicine of the Medicaid system is living well. Soon, we’ll all think that Medicaid is the best we can do.

In the meantime, some independent-minded self-sufficient Alaskans are moving their yurts deeper into the wilderness so they don’t have to talk to Enroll America.

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  1. I spent almost 20 years in the insurance industry, and have written on the farce of Obamacare fairly often.
    There are many, commonsense ways to improve/fix our health systems costs:
    Obamacare isn’t ANY of them.

    But now, with Enroll America on my doorstep, we’re running out of room to ditch this thing. And at this point, I may start pricing a family-sized Yurt of my own…


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