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I’m not convinced that I like Joe Miller for the US Senate. He definitely won the 2010 GOP primary for the seat Lisa Murkowski occupies. I voted for him in that primary. I know Joe personally and his wife was one of our son’s most liked teachers. I’ve been trying to get rid of Lisa Murkowski since Daddy gave her his Senate seat like a gift wrapped box of chocolates. I’d have been happy to call him the Senator from Alaska.

But …

In the months between the primary and the general, we learned things about Joe that were a bit unpalatable. For example, that he tried to rig the Alaska GOP party chairman election to remove the much more moderate chairman and replace him with a more conservative one. I understand the sentiment, but being caught voting multiple times smacked of a lack of ethics.

I could handle that he took government benefits as a younger man even as he know rails against the entitlement system. We all mature and grow. It’s good to know a man is human.

But then his security detail handcuffed a journalist to a chair at a townhall. First, who needs security when they’re running for election in Alaska at a townhall in Palmer? I cant’t remember the last time someone killed or injured a politician in this state. If you don’t want Alaskans coming up to you and asking you uncomfortable questions, it’s probably best not to run for office in Alaska. Yes, I know the reporter from the Alaska Dispatch is an idiot and too aggressive for his own good. Handcuffing him to a chair was just a very unAlaskan thing to do.

And the results showed in the election. Miller didn’t lose to Lisa by much, which is remarkable when you consider that she had all the name recognition, but he didn’t win and that’s the way politics works in Alaska.

So, will I vote for him again. I don’t know. I never make a decision this early in a race. He’s way ahead of Mark Begich. If you want to know something about him, visit his website:

Make your own decision. Do you think this is the website of a future Senator?

Should Alaskans want this man as our Senator?


Posted June 24, 2013 by aurorawatcherak in Alaska

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