Being Gay is NOT an Excuse for Sexual Abuse of a Minor   Leave a comment

I ran across this article in the Daily Caller a couple of days ago.

Kate Hunt is an 18-year-old lesbian charged with having sex with her 14-year-old “girlfriend”. Some gay rights organizations have rallied to her cause, saying she’s the Rosa Park of LBGT issues. There’s a Facebook Page with over 50,000 members – Free Kate.

One Florida chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays begs to differ. “We have not been able to find where the charges brought against this unfortunate young lady are inspired by homophobia, or are in any way anti-LGBTQ,” wrote David McKinnon, president of the Vero Beach, Florida chapter.

I beg to differ even from them. Whether or not these charges were inspired by anti-gay feelings prosecutors may or may not hold is IRRELEVANT. Child sexual abuse is child sexual abuse. I know people who have served time for having sex with underaged people when they were barely adults themselves. I held my comments on this for a few days to allow three of my friends who are lesbians to weigh in. The answers were mixed. One thinks she should be able to “help” younger people “discover their sexuality through exploration” at whatever age the girl shows interest. The second feels that sex should always be between consenting adults. The third – who is now married to a man after being in a lesbian relationship for over a decade – said “Sexual abuse of a minor is sexual abuse of minor and if I had a nickel for every lesbian I know who, like me, had their first sexual encounter with an adult woman when they were in their early teens, I’d be rich. And, had I been protected from that encounter, I might have discovered men a whole lot earlier.”

From the article –

Two members of an unnamed area gay advocacy group told local media they resigned their positions after they refused to take a pro-Hunt stance.

“I’m gay, and I don’t side with Kate,” said one activist, who spoke to local media anonymously due to his concerns that the Free Kate movement would retaliate against him and his partner.

Still, Hunt’s supporters appear to greatly outnumber her detractors.

“The ACLU of Florida condemns the prosecution of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt,” said the ACLU in a press release. “The facts as we understand them suggest that the state is prosecuting Kaitlyn for engaging in behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common.”

I would note — had an 18-year-old boy engaged in this “fairly innocuous and extremely common” behavior with a 14-year-old girl, in most states, he’d be facing the same charges as Hunt.

Fair is everybody being treated the same. The rules about adult males with younger girls were solidified some years ago and plenty of adult women with underaged boys are now sitting in jail. If we want to go back to the days when Jerry Lee Lewis could marry his teenage cousin and we thought Summer of 42 was a romance story, that’s fine — if as a society we agree — but if as a society we feel that adults should not have sex with children and there ought to be laws against it, then we need to apply that law evenly and not exempt some because they have “special status”.

Why should the rules be different if the perp and/or her/his victim is gay? Being a cute, innocent-looking 18 year old does not negate the fact that this WOMAN had no business having sex with a MINOR!

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