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Yes, I know there are people who think Chris Christie is wrong for planning a special election on Lautenberg’s vacated seat, but I don’t happen to be one of them.

The United States of America was founded on the principle of citizen self-government. We get to vote for our political representatives. Presumably, the people of New Jersey voted for Senator Lautenberg. Chris Christie could appoint someone to take his spot. If you’re a Republican and you want a Republican in that seat, you’re pissed off that Christie is not going to give you what you want

Let’s examine that!

New Jersey is a deep, deep blue state, but it elected Chris Christie — a moderate Republican with some conservative policies — as its governor. The voters also elected Lautenberg, who appears to have been pretty liberal. However, you can’t assume they voted for him five times because they loved his politics. Most people from the East Coast that I know vote on name recognition and the best ad or political rally slogan. I’m not saying there aren’t people on the East Coast who vote on issues and the content of character, but I haven’t met many and my husband’s entire family comes from the East Coast.

So, a special election provides the opportunity for the people of New Jersey to consider a brand-new slate of candidates and the issues they bring to the campaign. It is an opportunity for them to vote for a liberal, an independent, a moderate, or a conservative. They seem to be, by and large, happy with Christie, so it may be that the people of New Jersey will pick a Senator who will be more conservative than Christie might have chosen.

And, if they don’t — that’s their choice. Those of us who live in other states need to recognize that New Jerseyites have a right to be represented by people who they feel will serve their interests rather than those we think will serve ours.

And, folks, you really do need to get over the idea that the GOP represents conservatives. As evidenced by Christie’s chummy behavior with President Obama, the GOP represents the GOP and its political power. Christie may well think Obama can help him get reelected. So, maybe you’d rather the people of New Jersey — who are not coming up for reelection — make this decision.

Who knows? They might pick a third-party conservative candidate who owes nothing to anyone for his election except to the voters themselves.

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