What is Wrong with the English?   7 comments

My son and I were talking last night. He’s 14, getting to be a young man with a masculine voice and hair in his arm pits. He grew up in Alaska, so he’s not afraid of “stuff”. He’s white-water rafted the Nenana Gorge, dip-net-fished the Copper River, and regularly walks through a grizzly bear’s back yard to berry pick. He can shoot the shoot gun and the 357 and he’s done his share of swinging a machete for brush clearing.

And, he wants to know — “What is wrong with people in Woolrich, England?”

imagesWhen he heard that a large crowd of people watched as two machete-wielding Islamists killed an unarmed soldier in broad daylight, he asked me — “Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

I explained that people in England don’t have guns and even the cops who were in the area were unarmed. He stared at the dashboard of the car, young face furrowed with thought.

“That’s not an excuse,” he finally said. “Two guys with machetes against a large crowd. Okay, so they didn’t have guns. Were there no rocks available? Trash cans? Gym bags? I think it’s stupid that they stood around and did nothing. If there were a lot of them, they could have just tackled those guys. Maybe someone would have gotten bruised, even cut by the machete, but that’s not an excuse to do nothing when somebody is in trouble.”

I checked his sister’s Facebook page this morning — she’s traveling the Lower 48 on a dime and keeps us posted through updates on FB — and she wrote to a friend who brought it up — “In Alaska, someone carrying concealed would have pulled out a 45 and the attack would have been over, but England thought it best to ban private gun ownership. Yea for the opposable thumb!” That’s her catch-all harangue for Darwin Award winners. She then went on to write that she could think of a half-dozen weapons of opportunity that could be found on a public street with which to disarm the assailants.

It does my heart good to know that we raised our kids with a sense of what it right and a willingness to do it.

7 responses to “What is Wrong with the English?

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  1. Under Gov. Cuomo NY democrat we are three or four steps closer to being de-clawed with little or no options of self defense. 2.5 million years of surviving on this planet owed to being able to defend ourselves with the best tools available has come to an end with the stroke of an idiot’s pen supported by ignorantand ball-less legislators waiting to collect their pensions.


    • Rich, I don’t foresee Alaskans allowing the feds to take our guns. The legislature has already placed a bill before the governor that basically says the state will resist, but even if they didn’t,we have so many former military and inveterate rulebreakers, I just don’t see us lining up to turn in our guns.

      I don’t know what the answer is for New York. From what I see, every county but two in the state are opposing gun laws, but it’s still going through. What would happen if more of you surrounded the state capital and demanded it be stopped? I don’t know.


  2. I guess they were too busy capturing it on their cell phones. Amazing. What are the Muslims saying?


    • I won’t pretend to understand what Muslims are saying, but what I get out of it is that Muslims can kill us anywhere anytime and we are completely unable or unwilling to do anything about it.


      • to get a good idea of what Muslims are saying or did say after the 9/11 attacks read the book End of Faith .
        by Sam Harris .


      • As a person of deep and abiding faith, I completely disagree with Sam Harris’ statement of atheism = reason. True faith in the God of the Bible does not reject reason or lead to violence. It sees the world as it actually is. Looking at cosmology, the design of the cell and the information-rich complexity of DNA, the most reasonable conclusion is that the universe did not come into existence through random change occurrences, but was directed by some intelligence. Faith is a far more reasonable response to the evidence than atheism.

        Now, if we want to discuss what particularly is wrong with the “faith” of the Muslims, we’d have a conversation there. A good question might be — why do (certain) Muslims hate just about everyone who does not adhere to their narrow “faith”, while the Amish — with a faith every bit as deeply held — not only forgive those who kill their children, but reach out to their wives.

        You’ll notice that I paranthesized “faith” of the Muslims, but not of the Amish. There is a REASON for that and one anyone can discover if they’ll look at it honestly.


      • And the media is just as quiet…


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