Faith is Not Mental Illness   6 comments

I reblogged a post by a gentleman who made a very broad statement — that all religion without exception is a form of mental illness. He then pointed to history to support his claim and announced “It’s the 21st century.”

It is the 21st century, indeed. And we think we’re very wise and intelligent and we’ve unlocked the mysteries of the universe. Or have we?

It’s superstition to believe something with no evidence, but as a Christian, I see lots of evidence for my faith and feel that faith is a reasonable response to that evidence.

Science is very good at describing how the world works, but ultimately, it cannot explain why the world works or even why it exists. Why is there matter? We know that at some point in history, there wasn’t matter. That’s the Big Bang theory in a nutshell. “Point of singularity” rhetoric to the contrary, cosmologists postulate that there was no time and no matter before the Big Bang — or at least no time or matter as we understand time and matter. So, why did it come into being? Not how. We more or less know how — incredible energy, burning heat, bright light. The Big Bang left evidence of itself in the cosmos. How is covered. But why did it happen?

I’m not a highly trained scientist, but I’m a relatively intelligent and reasonable person who knows a couple of highly trained scientists who are Christians. I also know a bit about singularities. A black hole is a singularity. Matter, light, everything near a black hole collapses into the black hole. It doesn’t suddenly burst out into bright light and intense heat. So why did that long ago singularity do that?

Reasonably speaking, it couldn’t have. That would defy the laws of the universe as we know it. So, something unnatural happened — possibly something supernatural.  The evidence points in that direction unless you are opposed to considering that direction.

Whatever caused the singularity containing a universe to reverse the course of its nature and start expanding had to have come from outside of that singularity. Whatever it was existed outside of time and space because neither of those existed prior to the Big Bang. Those are just basic scientific observations. Using my intelligence, however, I can also wonder a bit. Whatever it was chose to reverse the course of the singularity, suggesting intelligence and will. Looking at the structure of the universe — which is really quite orderly — I must wonder if this creation force was also aware, organized and able to think ahead.

Hmmm, well, now, reasonably speaking, that sounds like a description of the God of the Bible — outside of space and time, creative, intelligent and personal. No, it doesn’t prove God exists, but the evidence of the Big Bang definitely makes me think that God is a reasonable theory and certainly more reasonable than nature just reversed its course and exploded outward into the relative regularity that we see today.

Faith is responding to evidence that others may reject, but that you see every where around you once your eyes have been opened to it.

6 responses to “Faith is Not Mental Illness

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  1. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.


  2. Many Scientist are in the habit of saying that our water derived from the countless meteor strikes that hit our planet, countless indeed. Can you imagine the trillions of strikes it would have taken just to fill a back yard swimming pool and those strikes would have kept this planet in a chaotic state and nothing but nothing can come from chaos…
    I stated trillions of strikes because most of the minute bits of water would have completely burned up in the sun like chaos that would have been engulfing our planet if you were to believe what science theorizes, not to mention that our planet is 70% water. It would have been impossible that this planet could have developed and filled up with water in the manner they demand we believe, when there are absolutely no scientific proof to date to substantiate their claims and any conclusions they have come to, are almost always contradicted by just as many others in their field…
    I brought this up in a debate on the National Geographic website with several of their scientist who were preaching this water theory of theirs and after 4 minutes of debating him, he shut down the forum altogether. If a high school grad from the State of SC, a Redneck backwoodsy swamp monkey with no lick of sense but common ones could stump a Harvard Grad Scientist, think how truly flawed are their reasoning and theories…
    My sweet father YHVH created the most complex and flawless system that we have but scratched the surface of understanding upon. Even the intricate workings of the human brain are scarcely known and they want us to trust that our existence & order came spontaneously out of chaos?
    Hocus Pocus Witchery and Wizardry at best!

    Great post and blog site, thank you in kind for such a great read…

    Can Order Come Out Of Chaos?


  3. Hmmm, well, now, reasonably speaking, If God can come from out of nowhere then why not everything else? Reasonably speaking…she couldn’t have…maybe it was God who exploded?


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