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To be absolutely clear, I do not support or agree with the blog this is reblogged from! I simply do not know how to upload video and this was expedient. I also do not completely support what Schaeffer says in this video. There’s a reason why I’ve uploaded it.

Please watch the clips because you’re going to hear a mostly cogent argument for conservative values from a seemingly sane and reasonable person. But this speech is the reason the FBI targeted Schaeffer Cox for investigation.

I don’t know Schaeffer really. We’ve met, but mainly, I’m friends with his parents, who are lovely and godly people. Schaeffer was an effective voice for conservative principles before he went all-in with the sovereign citizens movement. I think the stress of being investigated by the FBI might have pushed him a bit over the edge. I think he ran his big mouth when he shouldn’t have. I also think he violated some federal fire arms laws. While I wouldn’t do that, I would argue that those laws are unconstitutional and so … well, is it breaking the law when the law is itself unlawful? I don’t know, but I also know I don’t want to go to federal prison, so I wouldn’t violate those laws.

Shaeffer is sitting in prison found guilty of conspiring to murder federal officials, but the thing is — none of the federal officials really existed. I read the surveillance tape transcript, released to our local newspaper by the State of Alaska after they realized it was fruit of a poisonous tree. With a fair amount of prodding from the FBI informant, Cox and his friends conspired to, in the event of a societal breakdown, to kill theorectical soldiers and other officials who might try to oppress them … in the event of a societal breakdown that hasn’t happened yet. That and he had a non-working semi-auto rifle that he had tried to convert to full -auto a decade earlier and broken and some non-working grenades (the kind old generals have on their desks as paperweights). Scary dude, right? But hey, gather your evidence illegally and find a jury of sheep and you can lock anyone up.

So, my point in posting this is that the federal government violated due process to convict Cox and it looks like they’re violating due process to prosecute the Boston bomber. Because I happen to know Cox, I know what I am saying is true. That I don’t know the bomber doesn’t mean that my observation is untrue. They didn’t read Miranda so — just watch and see. I think you’ll find I’m a prophetess.

We the people need to be very clear that this sort of crap needs to STOP, even when it is being used against people we think should be put to death for what they have done. Maybe especially then. In our rush to judgment following 9-11, we allowed our government authority to violate our constitutional rights through the Patriot Act and then the National Defense Authorization Act. Last year the Obama administration used a drone to kill an American citizen in Yemen because he had been deemed a terrorist. Last month the Obama administration mused that perhaps it would be okay to kill an American citizen on American soil for the same reason. Did any of us believe Holder when he assured Rand Paul that they had no intention of actually doing that?

At what price do we plan to sell our constitutional rights? Are we so afraid that justice will not be done that we’re willing to trade our principles in to assure this guy goes to the gallows?

If we do that … will there be anyone left to stand up for us when the time comes?

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Oh, look! Evil!

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