I don’t wholly agree with the sentiment that our founders would be shooting right now. History records that they spent several years trying to negotiate with the British crown before the shooting started and that the British were the ones who actually started the shooting — first at the Boston Massacre (firing back against snowballs) and then at Lexington Concord, where the British were marching to confiscate the guns. However, I do think our founders would be in the midst of a letters of correspondence campaign and would be amassing weapons by now. The Democratic behavior toward the Republican attempt to hold the line on taxes would have been the equivalent to Parliament’s disrespect of Ben Franklin.

Having said that, I believe that peaceful secession movements should be advancing now. At the end of the next four years, unless there is some dramatic change in Washington DC, states opposed to high taxation, heavy regulation and lockups of federal lands should be prepared for what secession might mean.

The Rio Norte Line

I was reading Utah’s post, The Spark That Finally Ignites The Secession Conflagration, and it occurred to me that, were they alive today, our founding fathers would have been shooting by now.  Thanks to our indoctrination compounds we calls schools, too few Americans are aware that the average tax-paying American (that top 50% or so who actually pay as opposed to the bottom half that receives) pay something close to 25% of their income in taxes.  Nor do they realize that our founders started shooting over something closer to a 12.5%  tax rate, or that ALL Americans paid and were expected to pay taxes at the time of our founding — no matter how ‘poor’ they were.  So I found a little something you might find interesting.  I hope the little excerpt I posted will entice you to follow the link and read more, because indoctrination U certainly isn’t going…

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  1. Are you sure about that? Haven’t we been petitioning the govt. for redress for years now? And hasn’t the govt. been returning our petitions by adding insult to injury? Hasn’t the govt. fired first? they may be small, but Waco, Ruby Ridge and other smaller and lesser known incidents are examples of the govt. firing on its citizens. But more clearly than this would be the recent executive orders that Obama signed giving him power to seize us without warrant, hold us without hearing and, if he deems it necessary, assassinate American citizens without due process. So I ask again, are you sure the founders wouldn’t be shooting by now? 🙂


    • Maybe. I’m still holding out for a peaceful solution. Not a disarmed and helpless solution, but a solution where the “blue” regions just sort of get the message that it would be way too costly for them to try to force the “red” regions to stay. Afterall, if we collectively stop sending them food, fuel and other resources, the cities are going to starve and freeze to death. I don’t think they know that yet.


      • aurora,

        I agree, but history has taught us that those with the mindset of the Left never realize such things. Nor do they surrender power peacefully: it always requires force. But luckily for us, Jesus, Gandhi and MLK showed us force does not necessarily mean violence. 🙂


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