When Seconds Count, Cops are Just Minutes Away!   Leave a comment

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Connecticut, I think that’s a question we really ought to be asking ourselves. Connecticut has stringent gun control laws and they worked to prevent this maniac from purchasing a hand gun. It didn’t stop him from finding the means to carry out his plan anyway.

And, from my perspective, in a state with very relaxed gun laws … no, gun control laws do not protect us from gun violence!


I got the above link from a simple Google search. It shows school shooting sprees worldwide. Note that many of them are in states with stringent gun control laws and several of them are in countries with even more stringent gun control laws. Most of the shooting sprees occur in “gun free” zones — malls, schools, hospitals, movie theaters — where guns are not permitted even if the property is located in a state or community with relaxed gun laws. The three shooting sprees I am aware of in Alaska — two of them occurred in a “gun free” zone — a school in Bethel and a hospital in Soldotna. In the Manley shooting, Mike Silva was turned away from several targets of opportunity by armed citizens. I know that because I know people who lived in Manley at the time, but in researching the case for this post, I could find no mention of it in the media. Manley is a case in point for another reason, however.

There’s a saying — “When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.”

Well, in Manley, a remote Alaskan town just barely on the road system, it took State troopers several hours to get to the location via helicopter. It turned out Mike Silva was a serial killer implicated in the disappearances of at least six people. He killed several in Manley that day and there’s every reason to believe he’d have killed everybody in the time that he had if not for the armed citizens who barred him entry to innocents.

In 2007, a mentally ill young man shot and killed several workers at a missionary organization in Colorado. He then turned up at the sponsoring church the following morning, killed two people in the parking lot and was headed for the sanctuary filled with hundreds when a church secretary with a concealed carry permit winged him. He killed himself, but she was prepared to do it for him if need be.


A similar incident happened at another church in Colorado this year.


At the shooting spree in an Oregon mall last month, the assailant also killed himself after he realized that a citizen had drawn his concealed weapon and was attempting to stop him.



I found at least five other examples of armed citizens ending public shooting sprees, including one of a Mississippi school administrator who went to his car to get his gun and stop the assailant. Given that most shooting sprees happen in “gun free” zones where the only option is to cower on the floor in hopes the bad guy won’t notice you, it’s pretty amazing that I found that many.

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot, two civilian men with concealed carry permits were in the area and both converged on the scene after the assailant had been subdued by physical force. Had either of them been there at the time of the shooting, they might have saved a few lives.

Many people have never been around guns. They think the problem is the gun and that it can be solved by eliminating guns. I beg to differ. Overshadowed by the Sandy Hook School shooting is a story out of China where a man stabbed 22 children and an elderly woman at a school there.


Apparently, knife attacks on school children are very common in China. Yes, the number of deaths in such knife attacks is usually lower than with shooting sprees, but let’s not pretend that a motivated killer with imagination couldn’t fashion an explosive device or drive a car into a crowd or ….

Not one of those precious children deserves to be dead and as a country we really do need to have a discussion about mental illness and school security and violence. But gun ownership is a Constitutionally guaranteed right for a reason that goes beyond hunting. They are necessary for self-defense and for defense of liberty. They could be the key to stopping such shooting sprees. All it takes is a handful of concealed carry folks in each public school and maybe we can reduce the deaths that occur to one or two rather than 26.

And, yeah, if you want to argue about it — do let’s have that discussion.

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