Obama Said If We Could Save One Life   2 comments

The gun grabbers insist a concealed carry permit could not end a mass murder. Really? So what happened in Clackamas Mall December 17?


And, what about the Aurora Colorado church shooting last summer?


The man who stopped that shooting was an off-duty police officer. However, another Colorado church shooting from 2007 was stopped by an average citizen.


Did you know that Diane Feinstein, who wants to limit other citizens access to guns, is a concealed permit holder herself?


And here’s a 71-year-old concealed carry holder who stopped an armed robbery.


It happened in Wisconsin too.


And, it’s going on in Arizona too.


Missouri too


And, if you choose to bring a gun to a knife fight …


And, for those who would like to carry at work …


So what was that about saving just one life and there are no instances of concealed carry permit holders actually doing that? Most of these incidents happened in the last 12 months. Imagine if I’d spent some real time researching the subject.

2 responses to “Obama Said If We Could Save One Life

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  1. Reblogged this on sally1137 and commented:
    We gotta keep on keeping track of the truth in the face of so many lives.


  2. This is great!


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